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About Us is part of Swedish Metals UK Limited, specialising in the distribution of high-quality steel construction materials from Sweden. Our head office is in London and we operate regional offices in Exeter, Manchester, and Glasgow. Combined, our staff have over four decades of experience in the supply of Lindab gutters, downpipes, and accessories.

Whether you require a single component or a complete eco-friendly roof drainage system, can supply you quickly and at competitive prices, underpinned by a team with expert product knowledge.

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Lindab Guttering FAQs

Yes, is supplied by Swedish Metals UK, in partnership with The Metal Roof Company, which has been trading Lindab Guttering for years. We can supply you with specific Lindab guttering products on a next day delivery basis, depending on location.

Yes, absolutely. Please see our full warranty document for reference. We advise all customers to look at the warranty document before purchase. The products in the Lindab Rainline range have a 15-year warranty, giving you peace of mind upon placing your order.

Aluminium is prone to expansion and contraction, especially in the changeable UK climate. Lindab guttering, on the other hand, is able to withstand harsh climates.

Steel expands less, meaning less risk of movement and subsequent cracking over time. Cost over lifetime should be also considered, with steel being far more cost effective over the expected lifetime of the product.

Yes, we can supply Lindab guttering products in all colours and sizes.

Our most popular colours are Lindab Magestic, Anthracite Grey and Black.

A common size for the UK is a 125 mm (5 inch) wide gutter matched with an 87 mm diameter downpipe.

Distance between downpipe drops should be no more than 10m. Before ordering, size and flow capacity should be checked using Lindab technical information.

Simply find the goods you are looking for above, and select ‘view product.’ Then, choose your colour and size and continue shopping! Once you have filled your basket with the goods you require, simply proceed to checkout.

When you place an order, our distribution team will process your order and dispatch the goods. 

They come in 125m, 150mm, 190mm and can be purchased at 1m, 2m or 3m. Check our technical document for further reference.

Brackets should be installed no more than 600mm apart with end brackets and 100mm from the roof edge.

To calculate the quantity of brackets, simply divide the gutter length ( L) by 0.6 and add one extra bracket (i.e Bracket Quantity = L ÷ 0.6 +1 ).

Therefore, a 15m run of Lindab gutter would require 15 ÷ 0.6 + 1 = 26 brackets.

Lindab Gutters - 30% Off All products is offering a massive 30% discount on ALL Lindab guttering products. Trading as Swedish Metals UK, we work closely with Lindab to deliver high-quality Swedish made rainwater goods.

Once your order is placed with us, our handling team will immediately source your requested goods and deliver them as soon as possible, usually within 1-2 days depending on location.

Products offering express delivery are available on a next day delivery basis, however please note that due to Covid-19 our delivery network has been affected, so goods may take longer than usual. If you have a query, please give us a call on 0208 037 6020 or send an inquiry using the enquiry form above.


Lindab gutters are one of the world’s most eco-friendly rainwater systems. Up to 30% of the material used in the Lindab guttering range comes from recycled sources. The gutters also have the lowest CO2 life cycle impact.

With the ever-growing threat of climate change and global warming, many individuals are now looking for a ‘greener’ rainwater system, and Lindab galvanized steel gutters are a perfect rainwater solution. 

15-year warranty

All Lindab rainline products come with a 15 year warranty. For Lindab’s new range, Lindab Magestic™, the warranty is 10 years.

Having a warranty gives you peace of mind when purchasing your Rainline products, and we want all of our customers to be 100% satisfied with the products they purchase. If you have any questions, get in touch with us on 0208 037 6020 or send an enquiry using the form above.

Please note due to Lindab's April 2021 price increase,

Please call the office on 0208 810 0120 to place any order while we update the prices on our website. Thank you.