Extruded Aluminium Guttering

Contemporary gutters and downpipes are extruded or pressed to offer a long life and a sharp, clean appearance. They are a cheaper option compared to cast aluminium and are a great choice for light commercial and industrial buildings.

Manufactured from 2 or 3mm aluminium, this range of products give great strength in comparison to their weight. That’s why aluminium is used extensively in the aircraft and automotive industry.

There is a wide variety of aluminium gutter styles including the SNAPIT range, D-flow and Aqualine range. These couple well with round or square downpipes.

Why Choose SNAP-IT Aluminium?

Our extruded aluminium (Snap-it) range is built slightly thicker than steel, and therefore offers good durability, lasting in excess of 25 years. Due to the fact that most Snap-it gutters are built with larger profiles, this range is a brilliant choice for large commercial and industrial properties, where runoff is high.

Extruded aluminium gutters are also extremely flexible and easy to install, and most individual’s with some DIY experience will be able to fit the system. Each of the gutter components ‘snap’ together easily with no screws or bolts, in the end giving a smooth-looking finish to suit the property. There are a variety of profile types and finishes available through Gutter Warehouse, including half round, vintage moulded ogee and contemporary joggle box sections.

Many architects and homeowners opt for this stylish aluminium guttering range because of its excellent eco-credentials. 80% of the UK homes that use aluminum gutters have been created using recycled aluminum, and the twenty-five-year life span means the system will last a lifetime, even when exposed to the temperamental UK climate. 

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